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    Calling all artists!

    Hey Everyone,

    Few Micechatters know about my little "concepts" that i've had for a while now, but i'm trying to improve them little by little. All I need is a person or group of people who would be willing to pencil-sketch a few characters for me. I'm not very gifted when it comes to drawing unless it's backgrounds, but I just want to see my characters visualized for the first time. I'm not very comfortable sharing the concepts with everyone, but if you would like to help with drawing out one or two so I can do trial-and-error, I'd appreciate it SO SO much. If your interested, please E-mail me using the link on my profile. Thanks!

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    Re: Calling all artists!

    Stitch message me on YIM sometime and I'll try. I'm really busy so I can't promise anything, but it'd be something I could work on in my spare time.

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