Hey you MiceChatters.

Very few of you know my most recent upsetting story.
This friday, at my mom's, I was on VMK for about a half hour. I didn't do much while I was on. I mainly just started a new room. I talked to a few people, and then got off.
Well when I went to sign back on friday night around 9:30 EST, I was banned I was banned until May 9. According to Contact Us it was for sharing personal information, which I did not. I wasn't even online when the ban came into affect, so why it has happened, I don't know.
I've already contacted VMK about it, but nothing special happened.

So anyway, now that you know the deal, I'm hoping to find a few people who will be willing to buy the new items from the stores for me over the next week. I will pay them back every credit via kiosk and I will greatly appreciate it !!!!!

I will also be looking for someone to do the same May 15 - 17 as I will be at Washington D.C. [ <3 ] for my Eighth Grade trip.

Thanks to anyone who will help me out during these times.

**Kelsea Nicole <33