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    VMK, Fireworks & Processor Speed

    We have a houseful of iMacs and iBooks.

    DH built one token PC with a P4 processor and a 128MB ATI graphics card that technically belongs to my 14-year-old so he could use PowerTabs for his guitar playing. Now that I and all three of my kids are playing VMK, everyone is fighting for time on the PC and our Macs are suffering from neglect. And our 14-year-old is REALLY unhappy that we are hogging his machine.

    To regain peace in our household we are shopping for laptop PCs. My top score thus far is 261,000 when I play on our PC and we are leaning towards a Toshiba Satellite A75 with a P4, 3.2 mHz and a 128MB ATI graphics card. What are you Fireworks players playing on and what kind of scores are you getting?

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    Re: VMK, Fireworks & Processor Speed

    The highest I've been able to score on my well-loved (ie: old) computer is 231,500. I will forever be thwarted in my bid for fireworks magic.....

    Is it just me or has the fireworks game become more random? Last week I practically had the sequence memorized and this week it is different every time I play.... am I on drugs? or should I be?
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