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    ugh, huge dilema

    yes, its another PS3 or Xbox360 thread.

    mine's different since i'm selling my 360 for the ps3.

    Game Crazy will only give me $130 for my Halo 3 edition + 20gb machine, so i'm horribly saddened.

    but i've come to the realiziation that pretty much all the games i buy for the machine come out 6 months later on the PC, of which i am a more avid gamer.

    PLUS, Metal Gear Solid 4 just came out. a game ive been waiting for since MGS3 came out all those years ago.


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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    take the $130 and buy your ps3?
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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    $130 strikes me as a bad deal.

    Sometimes EB Games/Gamestop have better deals where you trade-in games towards a console?
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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    they're doing a $50 up-trade for a new system, plus i'm an MVP member there (yes, i buy alot of games) so that'll help too. all in all with all my games i'll get a little over $300 for the system, which is $100 less than what i paid for it.

    BUT, i need the 80gb for the backwards compatability w/ps2 games...and theres only one left with the MGS4 game...

    ...ugh, im gonna do it. my wallet is going to kill me...but i'll reap the benefits.

    i just needed to vent all this lol

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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    crisis averted. i am now the proud owner of a 80g PS3 and the greatest game of all time.

    here is a transcript of the morning events...

    in blog form since i'm posting it on my myspace as well =]

    Title: "Dear God, I'm a lucky sonuva"

    So I went to get my haircut this morning. After that I decide to pop in to my local Game Crazy since its right next door.

    I’m talking to the guy at the counter who knows my buying habits pretty well and asks me if I picked up the bundle for MGS4. I told him no, but I was going to trade in my 360 for a PS3 eventually and get it later and he's like "aw, we had one yesterday but it got picked up" so we chatted a bit about other games when he gets a phone call. He laughs and hangs up.

    A guy just said he wasn’t going to pick up his pre-ordered bundle...

    There was a silence while we both looked at each other... "How fast can you get back here with the 360?" he said. I was literally racing back to my car when he said that and I replied "in a heartbeat."

    It wasn’t a heartbeat.

    Well...maybe a Mr. Burns heart beat (“I hear a lub, but I don’t hear a dub................oh wait, there it is!”)

    I had already unhooked it, just in case of a situation like this, BUT I forgot to clear it out and more importantly, take one of the games I was selling back out of the system.

    I bundled up the 360 and about 6 games to trade in. I’m starting to freak a bit. The system is $500 but the 360 alone is only going to get me $170…so I start scrounging. PS2 games I re-bought for the Wii, my PSP that my dad uses, my sister’s games, etc. (hey, every little bit helps during this recession of ours don’t it?)

    I get everything down to the store and we hit a snag. Because I bought the Halo3 360, I needed to return it with all the original gear. I forgot that I had taken out the battery pack and replaced it with the plug-n-play one that came with the system. Same thing with the PSP, apparently my dad & sister both lost the charger for it. While we’re hooking up the 360 though, I look at their display of PS2’s and laugh at the floral arrangement they’re stacked in. I mention I still have my original PS2 somewhere. Brandon (Game Crazy guy) says he’ll give me $50 for it.

    Another silence…

    He says he’ll hold my stuff while I go get it.

    I’m in the car and away I go back home…again. During the drive, I start to panic slightly. “That PS2 hasn’t worked in years since my sister’s friend broke it” I think to myself.

    I get home and dust the old girl off. Have the A/V cords, but no A/C cord…or controller…

    Frantically I hunt for the cord and to no avail it seem until I find a random power cord for a camera I have never seen anyone use.

    “A PERFECT FIT!” I thought.

    I thought wrong. My mother then notices I’m holding the cord to her Canon digital movie camera.


    I figure I’ll do what I can. I turn it on and apparently “Dirge of Cerberus” was the last game I had played in it years ago. I give the PSP back to my dad (fully though, as a Father’s Day gift) and head back to the store, cords and PS2 in hand.

    I arrive once more at the store; Brandon is now joined by one of the newer clerks. He hears Brandon and I talking about the bundle and remarks that they’re out of it. He goes in the back to double check and comes back saying nothings back there.


    Brandon goes to the back and comes out again with a puzzled look on his face.


    Apparently, the new clerk was joking and thought Brandon would join in on the joke, not knowing all we had gone through so far in the morning.

    We were not amused.

    To reconcile a bit, he mentions that he has taken an interest in my 360 for himself. He offers me $200 for it, which I take without batting an eye. However, a quick assessment of his financial situation put the kibosh on that transaction (he gets paid Friday). I forgive him since I remark it’ll probably be resold by Friday.


    I panic. Brandon explains to me he has an extra controller and a power cord he’ll give me for $20, which makes my PS2 worth $30. “Fine fine” I’m thinking as he prepares the PS2 to test it…

    …He plus it into the TV and throws a game inside (we laugh at the old clunkiness of the loading tray)…

    …He turns the TV on after he throws the game in so I cant tell if it makes it past the loading screen immediately or not…

    …A black screen comes up…and “TMNT –loading” (TMNT, really?) is in the lower right corner…

    I nearly faint. I quickly usher him away from the system after he turns it off to get our attention away from it and back to my transaction.

    We start the ringing up process. And since I wasn’t totally prepared to spend the money today, I prepared to pay the remaining balance, which I got down to about $280 (I wind up getting the service contract and the extended warranty cause you can never be to safe with these 5th gen systems…except the Wii) anyway I can. (Tips from my job, tub of coins, etc.)

    After this whole ordeal, they STILL managed to talk me in to the strategy guide for the game and pre-ordering “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” for the DS (which I explain to them will be a very good game for the DS since its made by BioWare and we all know what BioWare can do…KOTOR, Mass Effect…KOTOR II…)

    So here I am. 2 consoles short, but a new multimedia system and the game I’ve been waiting (obsessing) for since 2003.

    And 2 whole days off to play it.

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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    lol, glad you got it after all of that. G is a great game, been playing it since it came out. You may also want to check out the cool MG theme on PSN.. it looks real nice on my screen

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    Re: ugh, huge dilema

    Why don't you just put the whole thing down, and go out and get some sunshine?
    I want my cake back!

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