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Thread: New Fall Shows!

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    New Fall Shows!

    What are yall most excited about? I've been seeing alot of commercials for Worst Week and it might be my most anticipated.. I've been looking for a brand new comedy and anything with Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) automatically interests me...

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    Re: New Fall Shows!

    I don't even know what any of the new shows are. I only watch network TV on Monday. The rest of the week is cable or DVDs.

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    Re: New Fall Shows!

    Check out SirClinksalot's thread below. It shows the fall lineups for the major networks.

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    Re: New Fall Shows!

    Entourage returns this Sunday night on HBO for it's 5th season. I can not wait.
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    Re: New Fall Shows!

    I caught the series premier of "Sons of Anarchy" the other night on FX. Im pretty much hooked already.
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