Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is showing many of the classic Disney Live Action movies every Sunday in December.

TCM Presents Family Classics

Dec 7th:
Treasure Island - 12:00pm
Swiss Family Robinson - 1:45pm
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - 4:00pm
Old Yeller - 6:15pm
The Parent Trap - 8:00pm
Pollyanna - 10:15pm
The Barefoot Executive - 12:00am

Dec 14th:
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes - 12:00pm
The Strongest Man in the World - 1:45pm
The Absent Minded Professor - 3:30pm
Son of Flubber - 5:15pm
The Age of Believing (The Disney Live Action Classics) Documentary - 7:00pm
The Apple Dumpling Gang - 8:30pm
The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again - 10:15pm

Dec 21st:
The Black Hole - 12:00pm
Escape to Witch Mountain - 2:00pm
Return from Witch Mountain - 4:00pm
Bedknobs and Broomsticks - 6:00pm
Candleshoe - 8:00pm
Freaky Friday - 10:00pm
The Age of Believing (The Disney Live Action Classics) Documentary - 11:45pm

Dec 28th:
The Shaggy Dog - 12:00pm
The Shaggy D.A. - 2:00pm
The Love Bug - 4:00pm
Herbie Rides Again - 6:00pm
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo - 8:00pm
Herbie Goes Bananas - 9:45pm
The Worlds Greatest Athelete - 11:30pm

I'm actually impressed that they aren't showing any repeats except for the new documentary, and showing some more of the obscure movies such as Candleshoe, The Worlds Greatest Athelete and The Barefoot Executive.

The only day I'm not really interested in is the 28th as I don't care for the Shaggy Dog or Herbie movies.

I think the best thing will probably be the new documentary. I'm really looking forward to it.