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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Current cannot-miss shows:
    1. 30 Rock
    2. The Office
    3. Psych
    4. Simpsons
    5. Family Guy
    6. Chuck
    7. Scrubs
    8. CSI
    9. Without a Trace

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Can't miss:
    Burn Notice
    Amazing Race
    Top Chef

    Honorable Mention:
    America's Next Food Network Star
    Kitchen Nightmares
    Hell's Kitchen

    Missed cancelled show:
    Veronica Mars. I just finished watching the final season on DVD, and I wish they had one more season. The ending just was a major full circle for the show and needs to start again..
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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Quote Originally Posted by tinkermonkey View Post
    1. Psych
    2. Burn Notice
    3. Grey's
    4. Chuck
    5. How I met your Mother (which I only started watching recently so I am so glad Lifetime has them on Monday nights at 7pm so I can slowly catch up...or borrow the DVDs from a friend...that might be faster.)
    Now that I have seen the first episode of "Trust Me" on TNT, it has to go on my list.

    1. Psych
    2. Trust Me (yeah, it was that good)
    3. Burn Notice
    4. Grey's/Chuck
    5. HIMYM

    honorable mentions: (because after making this list, I paid attention to my viewing habits a bit more)

    Brothers & Sisters
    Desperate Housewives
    Amazing Race
    Private Practice
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    Re: Top Five tv show

    There aren't even 5 current shows that I watch, let alone enjoy so I'll have to take some liberties to round out a list

    1. Battlestar Galactica
    2. Heroes
    3. Lost
    4. Clone Wars on Cartoon Network
    5. it hasn't even premiered yet but "Dollhouse", seeing as how I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    1. Heroes
    2. Whose Line Is It Anyway? (I can watch the reruns over and over)
    3. Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
    4. Futurama (I can watch these reruns over and over also)
    5. Fresh Prince of Belair

    Honorable Mentions:
    Family Guy, You Are What You Eat, How Clean is Your House? (Haha, I love BBC America).

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    My favorite current television shows are:

    1. Pushing Daisies (They took my Daisies away from me )
    2. Torchwood (who doesn't love this show)
    3. How I Met Your Mother (Barney cracks me up)
    4. Supernatural (even though this season is a stinkfest so far)
    5. Stargate SG1/Atlantis (Universe = ?)

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    1- The Office
    2- Family Guy
    3- South Park
    4- Friends
    5- Jon and Kate Plus 8 (who says a guy can't like this show?)
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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Here is my fave five (lol):

    1. Heroes
    2. Lost
    3. Supernatural
    4. 24
    5. The Office

    Sorry, I know you said 5, but If I could put a 6th it would be 30 Rock. I love that show.
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    Re: Top Five tv show

    1. Roseanne (has been my #1 for too many years)
    2. Gilmore Girls (<3 Lauren Graham)
    3. Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List and her other Bravo specials
    4. Project Runway Season 4 (<3 Christian Siriano)
    5. ?

    Even though I watch a lot of reality TV, it was really hard for me to consider any of them my favorite shows to watch. I guess just kinda watch them to amuse me, and I rarely watch them more than once. For me, I define a favorite shows as a show that I can watch again and again.

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Hmmmm, reruns of older shows are mostly my favorites, now.
    For current shows, there's nothing I really have to watch, but
    here are a few I do watch:

    Spongebob - Ok, this would be on my favorite list, and he had some new shows, last week
    Colbert Report
    Hannah Montana - yeah, I admit it's ok
    iCarly - yeah, it's ok.
    once in a while 2 1/2 Men

    When it's running:

    Big Brother
    Project Runway
    occassionally - Amazing Race

    In reruns -
    I Love Lucy (and her other series)
    Gilligan's Island
    Everyone Love Raymond
    The Brady Bunch
    Batman (the 60's series)

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    Quote Originally Posted by MonstersGoBoo! View Post
    3. Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
    (Haha, I love BBC America).
    I like BBC America also.

    As for Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, I prefer the original series to the overly melodramatic FOX episodes that they are now re-running.

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    Re: Top Five tv show

    In no particular order:

    Grey's Anatomy
    Ugly Betty
    Gossip Girl
    Jon & Kate Plus 8

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