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    Pilot theme song to Happy Days

    We are all familier with the These Happy Days, and Rock around the Clock but do you know the name of the song used for the pilot episode of Happy Days?

    Sort of a trick question, but what follows is the answer:


    [ame=""]YouTube - Love American Style Intro[/ame]
    Waiting for Godot

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    Re: Pilot theme song to Happy Days

    No idea what's in that box.

    I think there was a Love, American Style episode that spawned Happy Days.

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    Re: Pilot theme song to Happy Days

    Indeed it was...thanks, sj, for a reminder for what a fun show Love, American Style was - very well written - this episode featuring Marion Ross, still "Ronny" Howard, and Anson Williams. Written by the great Garry Marhsall, a TV icon on several generations both on, and especially off, the screen. may recall that Mork and Mindy spun off from Happy Days...Jerry Paris got the germ of the idea for Mork from the famous "walnut" episode of the Dick Van Dyke show...which Paris directed, also written in part by Marshall.
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    Re: Pilot theme song to Happy Days

    That was fun trivia, thanks.

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