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Thread: More To Love

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    More To Love

    I didn't see any threads started about this show so I will go.

    I was really stoked to see this show come out, so that the non skinny women out there can live in a fantasy dating world too. I am a Bach/ette fan and always get sad about the fact that I could never be picked for the show, well if I were single lol

    But, uggg, I am sad for my fluffy sisters. I am sad there was no one under 5'5". I am sad that they displayed height and weight on tv. I am sad some said they have never worn a bathing suit in front of a man, but it's ok to do on national TV? I am sad that they gave them rings and that some of them said how they had never been given jewelry, and sad that some of them said they had never had a date at all. This show makes me sad, can you tell?

    They are basically stating to all fat women out there, that we are terribly pathetic and can only find a man to marry if they themselves are fat, and love big women. I would have rather seen a dating show like Dating in the Dark, and cast tons of men, big or small, that are into big women, because they do exsist. My guy is average and I am short and fat lol.

    I will watch next week, but if it still makes me sad, it's going bye bye. Seriously, did anyone else watch?

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    Re: More To Love

    I watched the premiere episode and that's all it took for me to come to the same conclusions as you did. I guess I should have expected it considering it was FOX that aired it. A show like this on FOX would never be intelligent and thought provoking. Instead it made sure to re-enforce all the stereotypes and cliches associated with overweight dating. Not what I would call entertaining in the least.
    On a different note "Dating in the Dark" is a guilty pleasure. I tuned in while channel surfing and could not look away. It's kind of fun watching how some can be so superficial even after they thoroughly enjoy themselves with the other person. Some of the people they get are not the Barbie and Ken types so it makes for a refreshing change of pace.
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    Re: More To Love

    why do they show the height and weight of the girls on more to love they don't do that on the bachelor if the did the women would have there weights as 100-130 130 being the only heavy person allowed on that show.

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