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    CSI Miami, NY, or the original?

    Simple question for all you CSI fans, I love CSI and the original one is my favorite but CSI Miami and NY are both pretty good. So which one do you think is the best one and why?

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    Re: CSI Miami, NY, or the original?

    I started with Miami, then NY and then went solo on the original. Grissom was for sure my fave, can't stand Jorja, but love the addition of Laurence Fishburne, (esp when he was kicking axx in the first epi of this season)
    I like how they all have their own "color". LV = dark/night Miami = bright/day NY = blue

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    Re: CSI Miami, NY, or the original?

    In years past with Gris I would have said CSI... but these days I'm more NY then anything. Miami is just too dramatic for my taste. My only complaint about NY is that it isn't on until 10pm (but I LOVE Criminal Minds).
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    Re: CSI Miami, NY, or the original?

    I've only ever watched the original. Watched it since day one. The loss of Grissom hurts, a LOT. The last 1/2 of last year wasn't my favorite, and I was all prepared to give this season only a few episodes to see how it was going to be with Fishburn.

    So far, I think this season is GREAT and while you can never replace Grissom, the show is still great.

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