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    Re: The Biggest Loser Season 9

    Well, I hadn't thought about if Koli had been voted on he'd have won. I was royally disappointed with what a poor loser he turned out to be. Did you catch that major stink eye he gave to the cameras? My husband and I were floored at how he acted after he came out in his BL attire(not the dressy clothes). Such a bad sport.

    I think that it is awesome that the biggest man came in as the biggest loser. I did want Ashley, and Mike is a bit weird for my tastes, but I think he really did a great job. Besides, it is nice that for once, the winner wasn't sickly thin. Helen two seasons ago looked so dehydrated and unhealthy.

    Onto the BL 10 Thread!

    Anybody gunna watch "Losing It" with Jillian? I'm gunna tune in. Don't care for her too much but what else am I gunna watch Tuesday nights?LOL.

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Season 9

    I will definitely tune in Jillian's new program next week. My husband has a thing for her. Although last night he said she's older than he thought she was. Keep in mind that my husband doesn't watch The Biggest Loser. He just catches glimpses of the show when I have it on.

    I look forward to Season 10, and we definitely need a thread. As soon as there's something to start talking about one of us can begin one.
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