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    Sad 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    Harris was hospitalized a few weeks ago after suffering a stroke while unloading crabs. He had been doing better until the sudden turn.

    Captain Harris died in a hospital in Alaska. He was 53.

    Harris' kids, Jake and Josh, "It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dad, Captain Phil Harris. Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end. For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down. We will remember and celebrate that strength. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers."
    A very sad day in the crab fishing industry.
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    Re: 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    wow...that is truely sad..I thought he was going to make it..prayers and condolences to his family and firends...He was my favorite captin in that show..he will be missed.
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    Re: 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    Wow, how sad. I know he'd been pretty sick for the past couple of seasons. It's hard to live that kind of life.

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    Re: 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    I saw this this morning. I also thought he was going to make it. RIP Captain Phil. My thoughts and prayers go out to your sons, family, friends, and crew.
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    Re: 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    On a related note, when they say "deadliest catch" they aren't making that up. I went up to Kotzebue Alaska in the late 1980's with a buddy of mine who had a commercial fishing boat. We pulled salmon out of the sound that were between 20 and 30 pounds each. HUGE fish....I had one of the best times I've ever had in my life in a place that was bare but incredibly beautiful.

    What does that have to do with anything? The following Autumn, my buddy went on a crab fishing boat with the promise of making thousands of dollars in a very short time. Six months later, he was dead. A freak wave came up while they were working, exactly what you see in that show, and swept him away. I think he was 22 when he died.

    So RIP captain Phil, and all those who continue to work in that incredibly dangerous environment. It seems that there should be a safer way to catch crabs, but now, almost 15 years later, not much has changed.

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    Re: 'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

    WOW!! The show will never be the same. He was my favorite captain. I loved watching him and his crew, especially his boys. He was a tuff guy, but unfortunately having a blood clot is no joke. It takes months for it to thin out, so the risk is always there of having your life in danger until the clot is finally gone. My heart goes out to his family.

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