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    Anyone out there watching the new show Haven on Syfy? I taped all the shows and just caught up watching it, and really like it. It's about a strange town (of course, or it wouldn't be on Syfy ) where some townspeople have some "interesting" powers. One of the main running storylines is based off a Stephen King novell, "The Colorado Kid."

    So, just wondering what everyone thinks...

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    Re: Haven

    I have watched the show but it is doing nothing for me. How could all these people have "powers" and not know about it? Or did the FBI agent show up and turn on the powers?

    I will stick with Eureka... it has a sense of humor

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    Re: Haven

    It's on Showcase here in Canada. It's a lot like Rabbit Falls really. FBI misses deports to backwoods town and creepy/crazy sh*t starts happening.The same here, but it has good Fringe style Freak of the week charm too.
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    Re: Haven

    We've only watched the first 2 eps. I want to like it, but it just feels kind of...lame. Cool concept, crappy execution.
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