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    Exclamation Disney stuff On TCM *right now*.....

    TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is showing a special about Walt Disney's live action films, called "The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics".

    Afterwards, they're showing the original Escape to Witch Mountain, then Return from Witch Mountain. the original Parent Trap just got done.

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    Re: Disney stuff On TCM *right now*.....

    That was a really great special covering the history of Disney Live Action movies!

    I saw that Disney movies were on most of the day, and then between movies Becky Cline, the Disney Archives director (successor to Dave Smith) was interviewed regarding each of the movies. I didn't see all her segments, but in one, she also had three or four props from various Disney movies, including the Bedknob and the cloth book from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. She also talked about D23.

    In the Herbie the Love Bug segment she also pointed out some interesting fact about that movie.

    This is the type of stuff that Disney should do more often ON THEIR OWN CHANNEL!

    On the Hallmark Channel, they used to show a Disney live action movie or two on Saturday or Sunday. Occassionally they would have them all afternoon. But they never relate additional movie history info as often do on TCM.

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    Re: Disney stuff On TCM *right now*.....

    Pretty sad when a Warner Bros.-owned cable channel can present Disney films better than Disney can.

    It's as if Jack Warner walked up behind Walt and suddenly gave him a wedgie.

    The suits at today's Disney company just don't care, period. This is why they've let TCM do all this.


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