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    Life After People

    Love this show on the History Channel, they covered major cities all around the world to small towns to army bases, and even theme parks. Even on subjects as to what happens to our house pets if one day us humans disappear from a deadly virus or sudden death or...

    This episode is brand new...

    It takes a look at what happens when Las Vegas has 0 human population, and the town has to fend for itself...

    by the second part, it takes a look at a real-life amusement park, Americana Amusement Park, after 80 years, closed its gates in 2002 in Monroe, Ohio. In just 2 short years, look at what time as done to the place...

    by the third part, it's a no a brainer that the desert will reclaim Sin City but...

    My favorites...

    All this reminds of The Salton Sea over in Imperial Valley, CA (home to largest lake in California). Ever heard of it? It had a booming vacation town that was suppose to be the 'French Riviera 'of California. It was once Hollywood's getaway, a resort amusement vacation spot for Southern Californians. Today, don't be fooled by the blue water, it's just an illusion. A reflection of the desert blue sky, the sea is actually the color of dark beer & toxic. Something bad had happened...

    Life After People actually did an episode on it...

    Dare to take a trip to the real 'neverland?'
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