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    Re: The "What TV show did you just see?" thread REGENERATED

    Just watched the premier of Boardwalk Empire season 3. What a great episode. Now I know why I miss that show so much when its not on.
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    Re: The "What TV show did you just see?" thread REGENERATED

    Family guy is the show that i just watched..
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    Re: The "What TV show did you just see?" thread REGENERATED

    I'm glad that one of my favorites Grey's Anatomy is back, and what may likely be its last, or second to last, season. Pretty much makes Thursdays as my only TV night, with Big Bang & Two & A Half Men. But being that its Saturday, I love my comic books on the weekends with Green Lantern & Young Justice on Saturdays, and Spiderman & Avengers on Sundays.
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    Re: The "What TV show did you just see?" thread REGENERATED

    Thought it was time to resurrect this thread. Wanted to give my opinions on some recent series/season finale's of some of my favorite shows.

    Doctor Who
    Absolutely BRILLIANT season finale. This season was really good, not great, but the season finale makes me want to go back and watch the rest of the season again just to see what I missed. I think this is certainly one season finale that makes the entire season better.

    This show had a couple of lean years after William Peterson left. Not that Laurence Fishburne was bad but it was going to be difficult for whoever replaced Grissom. Now the show is once again fantastic. Ted Danson is great and the season finale was fantastic all the way around with a terrific cliff hanger.

    Greys Anatomy
    Unlike CSI, this years Season Finale was terribly predictable (IMO). Somebody has an affair, couples break up, somebody get's hurt (maybe dies), somebody goes into labor and names the baby after the doctor that delivered the baby under extreme circumstances. We've seen all of this before with this show.

    The Office
    Probably one of the most satisfying Series Finale's I've seen. I kind of lost interest after Steve Carrell left but this one was just nostalgic enough to be great, resolved all outstanding story issues and was funny. In fact, probably had the best "That's what She Said" joke of the entire series.

    In possibly the biggest no brainer in the history of Survivor. There was little drama when it came to the final tribal council (except for the teeth thing) but that shouldn't take away from what was a great season.

    The Amazing Race
    I kind of lost interest half way through the season but the Finale was great.

    How I Met Your Mother
    After 8 years of waiting, we finally met the mother, kind of. I'm glad they didn't go with some popular guest star and nobody we've ever seen in the show. Looking forward to see where they go with the last season.

    Parks and Recreation
    What is, IMO, the funniest show on TV (until Arrested Development comes back later this week) had a great finale. Great twist at the end.

    Big Bang Theory
    Like Greys Anatomy this had a "Been there, Done that" end to the season. Didn't they already do the "Leonard goes away" thing when he went to the Arctic? Overall I felt this was the weakest season of this hilarious show.

    This season was very hit and miss, as most seasons of SNL are. The last show had it's moments, the send offs for Fred Armissen and Bill Hader were great.

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    Re: The "What TV show did you just see?" thread REGENERATED

    Bates Motel and Defiance tonight. I really enjoyed Bates motel for a first season they picked a good combo for Norma and Norman bates.

    Defiance I have hope for too they are building up the different alien races which I enjoy.

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