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    Mrs. Marv Mendenhall . . . where are you?

    Does anyone else recall a tv character by the name of Mrs. Marv Mendenhall? One of David Letterman's regulars on his morning show that ran for a grand total of 90 days, back in the summer of 1980.

    Maybe you remember her better as the school secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off ("He's a righteous dude")

    Or perhaps you recall her as the neighbor who always pops in on "The Hogan Family".

    She's also had a few bit parts in animated show and features, including the Cars movies by Pixar, and several other animated shows.

    With her upper midwest accent and sunny disposition, she is the friendly sort, that is hard to resist.

    Yes, I'm an Edie McClurg fan ~ going back to the 70's. I just wish she would get another shot at a sit com, or a prominent place in a talk/variety show as a character actress, so that we could see her on a regular basis, again.

    I was reminded of her again, with a 25 year special on Ferris Bueller's Day Off (WOW! can you believe that movie is 25 years old, already????) Sure enough they interviewed her about her part in that movie, and she did have a couple of interesting stories.

    Seeing this special brought Edie back to mind, and got me hunting on the internet for some video clips of her portraying Mrs. Marv Mendenhall on David Letterman's morning show. Sadly, I was not able to locate anything. . . but perhaps someone, somewhere has a link to that zany Mrs Marv. I couldn't even find any clip from that old David Letterman morning show, which was one of the best morning tv shows in tv history, and sadly, one of the shortest lived.

    So, Mrs. Marv Mendenhall, where ever you are, thanks for the laughs. And hopefully we will see you in the future, somewhere in internet-land. And hopefully we will see you in long running sitcom that will highlight you and your comedic style, and be a star character in an animated feature. We want to see you in more than just small part. You deserve a few starring roles!
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    Re: Mrs. Marv Mendenhall . . . where are you?

    "Call me by my first name: Mrs. Marv."
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