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    Once Upon A Time the new series on ABC

    Just wondering how many of you here have been watching the new ABC series Once Upon A Time? The wife and I just happened to check it out on ON DEMAND and had to watch all the episodes because we liked it that much.
    To me it is a great modern twist on our favorite stories. The writers have done a good job so far.
    Oh by the way....The evil queen is hot!
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    Thanks Walt for having a vision and sticktoittivness. Thanks Roy for being by his side.

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    Re: Once Upon A Time the new series on ABC

    I have been watching the show and I like the twist on how no one remembers who they are in the modern world thanks to the curse but I have issues with the show too. I know its silly but one being Maleficient. (sp?) I did not picture her to look like that at all. Blonde hair? Really? And she wasn't really all that evil looking. Ok that was just a little rant. lol! But I hope it does improve some. I think that the queen and mr gold cause I can't spell his alter, do remember who they are but thats my therory.

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    Re: Once Upon A Time the new series on ABC

    Why is this in the WDW forum? Just curious...

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    Re: Once Upon A Time the new series on ABC

    I love this show! I've recently discovered it and haven't caught up on all the episodes yet but it's a very nice show so far. I don't like the part with Maleficent, either. I think if Maleficent were to face off with the evil Stepmother, Maleficent would win every time. And her look was pretty off, with the yellow hair, but I liked the crown she wore, it looked like a reference to the Disney appearance of her, with the pointy forehead and horns.

    I cannot believe how amazing the acting has been so far! Rumpelstiltskin blows me away every time he's on screen, and the evil queen is starting to as I get into more episodes, too. The casting is just amazing, the evil queen looks just like her in both universes, and as her character develops she fits the role more and more, and I'm only on the second episode! The makeup is also great in the alternate universes, particularly with Rumpelstiltskin's transitions.

    I feel like I'm already very obsessed with this show, I hope it becomes a successful new series and lasts many seasons.

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