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    The 2012 Super Bowl Ads here - Pick your fav

    Don't click if you want to save for tomorrow.. but here are some of the best IMO

    Love this one

    Elton John.. this one is a runner up for the best punch line

    This one tries to play to both cute and geek

    Finally!! A good commercial for Jerry

    And my personal favorite... between this and the Acura one...

    The Ferris B commercial

    Ok Go returns

    Nice idea.. but kinda bland

    Donald Trump

    Monkeys return for gags

    There are more out there for those interested. but these are some of the best
    More listed here.. and soon more lists everywhere
    Super Bowl 2012 Commercials Watch Every Single Ad
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    Re: The 2012 Super Bowl Ads here - Pick your fav

    I'm not going to watch until tomorrow (since I don't like either team playing, I'm watching for the commercials) but I am excited about Ferris...

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