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    Is the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Metal Box Series Done?

    been a long time since I've seen a new series.

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    Re: Is the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Metal Box Series Done?

    It's absolutely dead. I followed along when each year's titles were announced and own 11 of the 30 sets. I did some surfing and found this posted on a forum board a few months after the last Wave was released.

    The Disney Treasures series is officially dead. No further titles are in the works. I confirmed that with Leonard Maltin just now.

    Don't shoot the messenger. Like the rest of you, things would be far different if I had a vote. Happily I was able to get almost everything Disney did for television on tape, and am now transferring it to DVD. The Treasures have so much more, though, in terms of quality transfers and extras, so it's sad to see the end. I'm just glad I was able to help get them to do some of what they did do.

    It's post #29 at the Home Theater Forum board.

    As he himself explains earlier in the thread, "Bill" is Bill Cotter, the author of The Wonderful World of Disney Television. The Walt Disney Treasures tins were a great and informative series while it lasted. I recently pulled out the one with Dateline: Disneyland on it to watch again. But as some speculated in the thread, I bet it was both economics and the upcoming Blu-ray Disc format on the horizon that led to Disney closing the series out in '09.

    For those who want to reminisce, here's a complete list of the titles with reviews on Ultimate Disney/DVD Dizzy's site.

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    Re: Is the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Metal Box Series Done?

    I loved these. Of the ones I've got, my favorite has been Disney Rarities, although I still have yet to check out my Disneyland Secrets.
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