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    Disney Parks Christmas Parade special

    Good lord, what lunatic decided to add a "scream track" to this year's Disney Christmas Parade special?

    You've heard of a "laugh track", well this was a track of screaming/cheering fans - obviously fake - dubbed over virtually every single moment of the parades & performances. It sounded like someone opening a door to a Justin Bieber concert, with shrieking tweens, and then closing it.

    No matter what was happening on the screen, the screaming continued - until it simply became ridiculous. It spoiled the entire show. I finally had to turn it off, because it was just too much to ignore or tune-out.

    What on earth were they thinking? Did they honestly think that a Disney Christmas parade would seem more exciting with a backdrop of constantly-screaming spectators? Instead, they ruined what is usually a perfectly good Christmas show.

    Whoever came up with this horrid idea should be shot. (Well, at least demoted to the mail room.)

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    Re: Disney Parks Christmas Parade special

    The Christmas Day infomercial is usually awful, and it was so again, this year. The only saving grace was the "Carrying the Banner" number on Main Street, U.S.A. since the scene looked reasonably similar to the way I imagined it here:

    Making "Newsies" a Franchise

    Of course, if a re-release of a re-edited film to cinemas is planned, a more overt presence in the form of a promotional "Carrying the Banner" ticker-tape parade on Main Street, U.S.A., for example, might do something that Disneyland has rarely done there before in that the fictitious event would support the fictitious setting.

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