This is a fun clip I found on YouTube (it can be a real goldmine sometimes).

An episode of "Vega$" was recorded and got the first few minutes of Eyewitness News before the tape ran out. Top story here was the aftermath of the crash of the 727 plane in San Diego (PSA Flight 182, which was included in the now-classic 'shockumentary' Faces Of Death). Also a fire at 20th Century-Fox Studios on the set of "MASH" and a couple other fires, plus a mention of a smog problem - so what else is new? Watch closely at the beginning and you can see Christine Lund blow her nose!

Commercials are Close-Up toothpaste, People Magazine with Battlestar Galactica on the cover, a promo for the ABC TV special General Electric's All-Star Anniversary, Max Factor Maxi Lash, Safeway Scotch Buy brand, and a promo for The 3:30 Movie.