I realize probably not a lot of people saw this (ratings terrible), but I just saw the final 3 episodes of Fringe including the 2 part series finale (100th episode). Totally exciting, tense, and emotionally awesome. I cried like a baby at the end. The series as a whole finally caved in to serialization despite earlier promises from JJ Abrams that it would be more episodic and therefore much easier to follow than Lost or Alias, but honestly I prefer the ongoing plotlines and mysteries. And contrary to Lost, I'd say that the majority of important questions were satisfactorily answered. There were a few times I wished the writers did certain small things with different characters, but they really gave each of the main ones a good send off. And a few times they took a few crazy turns with the direction of the series and you weren't initially sure what they were thinking, but I think they did a fantastic job weaving it all together. One of the most creative shows out there. I will really miss it.