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    Looks like this season is the last for the Clone Wars.

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    Re: Looks like this season is the last for the Clone Wars.

    Quote Originally Posted by calsig31 View Post
    Yeah I saw that, I posted the link the "Leia Returning to SW Sequel" thread I had posted. I am highly disappointed with this news because I very much liked the series. I was hoping it was continue on Disney XD.

    I can only hope that Disney would take the time to at least use the current writers & animators to make an animated film to close the series out, and give it closure. Or at least be able to link it to Episode 3. I wouldn't even mind if it went straight to dvd. But at least finish it out the way the series started, by a feature length movie.
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    Re: Looks like this season is the last for the Clone Wars.

    I just hope the "bonus content" they said will finish the season out will be a good place to end the series. However the last few episodes where some of their best in years, and if that was then end then it was sure of a way to end!

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