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    Lesbian couple planned for "Good Luck Charlie"

    The Disney Channel has announced that they plan to include a character who is raised by two mothers in the next season of "Good Luck Charlie." I have honestly never seen the show, but I wholeheartedly support the decision. I was reading a Daily Mail article, however, where all of the top-rated comments are critical. What are your thoughts?

    Miley Cyrus praises The Disney Channel for plans to introduce a lesbian couple to TV show Good Luck Charlie | Mail Online

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    Re: Lesbian couple planned for "Good Luck Charlie"

    I just posted a thread on this two days ago.... Cyrus salutes Disney Channel series featuring lesbian couple

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    Re: Lesbian couple planned for "Good Luck Charlie"

    Good Luck Charlie is cancelled, this is the last Season.

    'Good Luck Charlie' Canceled: Disney Channel Hit Ending After Current Fourth Season

    Unless the big ending will be the lesbian couple and it will be a spin off.

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