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    Re: America's Got Talent

    [quote=DizDee;2070464Besides I'd like to see someone other than just a singer win . . . we've already got American Idol for that.

    Go get 'em Terry! [/quote]
    I TOTALLY agree. there are plenty of singing shows out there. American Idol, Nashville Star, and all of the numberous televised talent shows broadcasted,it would be nice to see the other talents get recognized.
    Butterscotch, while her taste in music is not my cup of tea, her talent is absolutely AMAZING! That she can have the skills and beautiful voice...and do them at the same time is very awesome. I have no coordination, so to see somone play piano, beatbox and sing all at once, without missing a beat gets me every time!
    I reject your reality, and subsitute my own!

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    Just had to say woohoo! Terry won! He deserved it. And I'm excited that he is going to get to play Vegas.

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    Last week's show wasn't the top ranked show if you combined cable and over-the-air.

    Something called High School Musical 2 beat that show, and it was tied with a preview of "Phineas and Ferb."

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    Re: America's Got Talent

    I was so happy that someone I liked and that I voted for actually won!

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