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    Here's an inspiring story: Paul Potts

    This is a great story. This is from Britain's Got Talent, which is like their American Idol (complete with Simon Cowell). He's a mobile phone salesman, looks like he'd be more at home playing World of Warcraft than singing onstage, was bullied as a kid, you can fill in the rest of the blanks.

    But this duckling becomes a swan in short order. when you're done with that one, here's the semifinal segment (complete with his "story" segment) what the heck, you may as well watch the finals too

    Anyway, I posted this not just to make you cry, but also because his album's out in stores now. Picked up my copy at Best Buy over the weekend.
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    Re: Here's an inspiring story: Paul Potts

    I love his story!!! My mom was so enamored with him that she ordered his CD that came out in England last month.

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    Re: Here's an inspiring story: Paul Potts

    I seriously had goosebumps listening to this. What great talent!
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    Re: Here's an inspiring story: Paul Potts

    Mhm, he's quite big in the UK now.
    The final was a real neck and neck, this was the little girl who was "against" him. I personally wanted her to win, but both were equally deserving.
    If no-one knows already, the whole point of Britain's Got Talent was to find someone to perform in front of the Queen at the annual Royal Show.

    Take a look. If you got chills at Paul Potts, you'll get chills at this little girl.

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