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    My Name is Earl...jumping the shark already?

    I am a HUGE fan of My Name is Earl. Its a very creative show and always gives me a warm fuzzy, but last night, I swear was more of a sweeps episode from the Twilight Zone...and sweeps haven't started yet!

    If you missed it, all the characters did creative writing, and they showed each ones storiies..with singing, dancing etc. There was a point where I literally looked at my husband and asked if they had already jumped the shark...and he laughed because he was thinking the same thing.

    Did anyone else see last nights episode, if so what did you think?

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    Re: My Name is Earl...jumping the shark already?

    i didn't think it was so bad, i liked Randy's storie with the puppet sniper & H. R. puffinstuff, thing one prblem i do have is i wish that the show would have earl getting out of jail and back to his list

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