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Thread: The Office

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    Re: The Office

    Goodbye Toby

    Sad that this the last of season 4. This was a pretty good finale. Wow, Ryan getting arrested for fraud was surprising to me. Phyllis taking charge of the Party Planning Committee and turning the parking lot into a carnival was great. A little disapointed that Jim didn't propose to Pam. Darn you Andy! Anyone else feel bad for Dwight?...NOT! Angela is naughty

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    Re: The Office

    I loved it and I threw a fit when Jim didn't proposed. He had bought the firewords and everything.

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    Re: The Office

    Just saw this last night and thought it was great. I too was so disappointed Jim didn't propose. And she's back ... the evil Jan. Pregnant ... I loved her explanation to Michael about how she didn't cheat on him when they were together. I loved his one line to the camera about how he was going to be a daddy ... sort of. Also seeing Dwight and Angela together at the end. Good one. All around a great season finale.

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    Re: The Office

    I think the final episode had the best ending ever.

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    Re: The Office

    finally got to watch the finale last night...O M G

    i so very much love this show

    i'm actually sorta glad that Jim didnt' get to propose to Pam...the anticipation of when it will happen is more fun than it happening.

    When dustin and i saw that Jan was pregnant, we both audibly gasped..i love moments like that

    Dwight and Angela forever!!!!!
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