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    Doctor Who Season 5

    Forgive me if this is old news but reports are coming through about the next series of Doctor Who.

    Russell T Davis will hand lead writer/executive producer duties over to Steven Moffat. Moffat was responsible for what many consider 'the scary' Who episodes including 'Blink' and 'The Empty Child'.

    The series will not be aired until 2010 (in the UK) and will be 'feature lengthed'.
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    Re: Doctor Who Season 5

    Yup! I'm very excited about Moffat! I love his episodes and am looking forward to Season 5. I am almost done downloading "Forest of the Dead" - the second part in this season's two parter - can not wait!! I'm not too sad to see RTD go - he was good for getting the new Who off the ground and running - but I think Moffat will be great for bringing Who beyond where it is now.
    For those of you who are Gold Members we have an AWESOME group of Whovians from all over (some in UK, I'm in Germany, Americans) in the TARDIS Gold Club! We discuss the episodes (each episode has it's own thread so we can all be Spoiler (hehe) Free!) and keep each other up to date with the latest news! Come join us!

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    Re: Doctor Who Season 5

    YES! I sent the news to all my friends once I heard it. With all due respect to the person who lifted Doctor Who back into the air and made stale 'staple' episodes to be the bulk of the first two new series, I found some of his episodes so bad that I'd constantly laugh at his attempts at drama. I feel that David Tenant has a lot of wasted talent when he's forced to follow RTDs scripts.
    Moffat however is a writer who can keep me to the edge of my seat without even showing any violence or blood. He has this amazing talent to convey stories and horror across his lines, and his stories are so much better than RTD. I think that Blink and Silence in the Library are the best episodes of the new seasons. Anyone agree?
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    Re: Doctor Who Season 5

    "Blink" made me call my sister over to stay the night with me. No joke. And "The Empty Child?" Moffat is super-talented.

    Haven't been keeping up with Season 4, I should probably stay out of threads regarding it.
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