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Thread: Morning Walk.

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    Morning Walk.

    I just reserved 4 spots to a morning walk that the Grand Californian Hotel. I was reading the description about the walk and it said that the morning walk was in DCA at 7:30 in the morning! I can't wait to see DCA empty! Unfortunately, they said cameras were prohibited..The villas at the Grand are AMAZING! ..well, I'm just staying in a studio right now, but the accomodations are awesome! I just rented a dvd from the Guest Relations desk WITHOUT CHARGE. The in-room microwave and mini fridge are dream to have. I was looking around in the "mini kitchen" and they had paper plates and bowls with the Disneyland branding on it. OH! And when my family and I checked in, we got a box with two lanyards in it! They weren't cheap-looking lanyards either..
    Hmm..and inside the box it has a pamphlet that was offering free DVC pins and a $25 Disney gift card if a friend or family member signed up for an open house tour of the DVC headquarters. That's all for now..I'll update some more for now, I'm going to get back to my Narnia movie and holiday candy corn from Marcelline's Confectionery.

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    Re: Morning Walk.

    Aww, glad you're having such a good time
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...

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    Re: Morning Walk.

    I must echo the FABULOUSNESS of the villas...just back from a weekend stay in one of the studios. BEST MONEY I've spent. Location of the villas is superior to the rooms of GCH. Can't wait to go back.
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!

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    Re: Morning Walk.

    Thanks for the info! We're definitely thinking about doing this the next time we're there.
    It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!

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    Re: Morning Walk.

    I happy you are have good time
    AKfandisney Have a Magic Disney day șoș 2010

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