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    Pros & Cons of resale

    Wondering if anyone had any experience with purchasing DVC resale. We are looking into it and are trying to weigh our option with getting it through Disney or a resale co.

    I am trying to do a pro and con list for the two and was just wanted to ask for some advice from others who have experienced it and can tell me something that I might not have considered. Also if you could recommend which property you think is the best value to buy into as far as price per point and then mainenance fee.

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    Re: Pros & Cons of resale

    I have purchased both ways, directly through Disney and resale. The advantage to buying direct through Disney is the quick turn around in time. You can basically have your contract activated and be able to book reservations in just a couple of days. The advantage to buying resale is it's less expensive, MUCH less expensive if you find the right contract. I bought all of my contracts at Saratoga Springs because of the longer contract and lower maintenance fees. Even though I own at Saratoga Springs, I stay at all the Disney Vacation Club resorts. I've got 4 trips booked this year and all of them have me staying at Bay Lake Tower which is, in my opinion, the most desirable DVC resort on property. The current price per point through Disney is about $115 a point. I purchased my resale contracts for $64 a point, basically half price. With resale, don't be in a hurry because it can take a couple of months before the process is complete and the points are in your account. There is a wealth of knowledge and information regarding Disney Vacation Club at this link <link removed> I feel Saratoga Springs is the best value due to lower resale price per point, length of contract, and lower maintenance fees. Good luck.
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