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    DVC Declining by Degrees?

    Kevin Yee had a Disney World update today on MiceAge. In it, he shared a letter sent in by one of his readers about declines in DVC value. I've personally been feeling a bit of the bait and switch in what we had with DVC when we signed up and what we get today. While I know Disney has the right to do it based upon the contract we signed, it does seem like they fully intend to continue to cut the value of what we get.

    Kevin Yee:
    One reader wrote to me, upset about some recent changes to DVC. To quote from the DVC newsletter: ďNote that, effective Oct. 14, the new system will require a one-night room and tax deposit for cash reservations, and payment for the Disney Dining Plan will be required at the time itís added to a reservation. (As a reminder, Members may add the Disney Dining Plan to their reservation as many as 48 hours prior to their check-in date.)Ē The reader continued in his email to me:
    My wife and I are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and are staying at Bay Lake Towers (4 nights) and Animal Kingdom Lodge (3 nights). I can only imagine what DVC is doing to cheapen out my experience.

    When we first bought in and for several years afterward, we were like one of the families on the DVC channel in the hotel room. We were thrilled. Little by little......they chipped away. Cash night discounts are never available, however, I can call CRO and get a room through that side and cheaper than what the members discount should be. 3 days prior to cancellation, Now 7 days plus a charge card to guarantee it and in a few weeks cash up front for the first night. The valet service at Beach Club and Boardwalk gone. I will bet in 4 years internet will have to be paid by the DVC members.

    I guess I should have known when they took away the beach towels at OKW and changed them into hotel towels that it was going to go downhill from there. I wonder how much stuff they have taken away just at OKW to make it feel ďat homeĒ and now it is gone for one reason or another. I talked to a DVC rep a few months ago about the horrible meal we had at Rose and Crown and he told me how a bunch of new items were coming online and he inferred ticket media being discounted by the end of the year. I donít see that happening.
    What are your thoughts?
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    Re: DVC Declining by Degrees?

    I don't really understand. about the cash thing?

    I am a newbie DVC member and guess I am still in the honeymoon phase because I love it? But then again, I don't care about pool towels.

    The Rose and Crown doesn't have anything to do with DVC... the food quality is a whole other post on its own

    This guy kinda seems like a downer "I can only imagine what DVC is doing to cheapen out my experience." seems like he is actively looking for flaws.

    BUT I know that things have declined, from what I have heard.
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    Re: DVC Declining by Degrees?

    Yeah I can't say I totally understand the cash thing either but I am also new to the club. (Our first stay as members will be in May.)

    So far we're happy with things. Just today I got a personalized phone call from the person who is now our rep if we need anything. I don't know about you guys but I don't expect stuff like that from a large corporation, let alone after they've already gotten their money.

    Guess time will tell. End of the day if you're not happy, you always have the option of selling.
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    Re: DVC Declining by Degrees?

    Quote Originally Posted by Asylim View Post
    So far we're happy with things. Just today I got a personalized phone call from the person who is now our rep if we need anything. I don't know about you guys but I don't expect stuff like that from a large corporation, let alone after they've already gotten their money.
    We got a call from our rep on our trip this past weekend, and we didn't even tell her we were going! We were surprised and pleased to see she cared enough to check in with us and leave a voice mail on the room phone.
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    Re: DVC Declining by Degrees?

    That are such petty things people are complaining about. Owning DVC entitles you to prepaid vacations each year. That is what you paid for! My parents have owned for 15 years and love it, but sometimes the way we see people act at check in and at the guest service counter is outrageous!

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    Re: DVC Declining by Degrees?

    The only thing I ever expected was a nice condo environment on Disney property and I have got that and love it!

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