Hi all,
Pondering DVC and crunching numbers... wondering if anyone has thoughts on possibly buying a small resale contract now to try things out and see if it works for us, then considering add-ons later if we like it. Was thinking around 50 points at AKV with the idea that we'd go at most every other year, so that would get us a week in a value or standard studio during magic or dream season. Or more if we did every 3 years. The change in resale rules coming on 3/20 is confusing, though; is it better to save some of the upfront costs by buying resale *now* so the points have maximum flexibility, say if we bought add-ons later (direct from Disney I guess)-- otherwise what happens-- you could have two "classes" of points mixed in your membership? Which I guess is only an issue for those non-DVC uses, which we may not use-- but the prospect of using them for a cruise is not one I'd want to eliminate even if it isn't the best use of points. This is all very confusing... and I am still not sure if the pros outweigh the cons. There will probably always be competition (free dining, discounts, etc.) for those paying cash, but once they've got your money for DVC, do they cast you aside and take you for granted?