A DVC memberís Home Resort is the resort in which they have a real estate interest. The main advantage to owning real estate interest in one resort over another is that members are allowed to make reservations at their home resort up to 11 months in advance. For the other resorts it is only 7 months in advance. Any exchanges for accommodations external to the home resort are made to and from a memberís home resort. A memberís home resort also determines the amount of a memberís annual dues (maintenance & taxes).

Home Priority Booking window:
If Your
date is in this month:
You can start requesting reservations for up to 7 nights at your HOME RESORT in this month
(11 months before your check-in date)
You can start requesting reservations for up to 7 nights at other DVC Resorts in this month
(7 Months before your check-in date)
January February June
February March July
March April August
April May September
May June October
June July November
July August December
August September January
September October February
October November March
November December April
December January May

So how do I decide on a Home Resort?
The resort you should purchase is decided by two factors: Does your family want to stay at a particular Disney Vacation Club property every time you visit Disney and will they be disappointed if you donít? If the answer is yes, then buy where you want to be!! If you want to jump around to the different resorts to get a unique experience each time you visit Disney, then buy the property that best fits your financial and particular vacationing needs.

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