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    Becoming A New DVC Member To Saratoga Springs

    I am currently in the process of purchasing 200 Points in Saratoga Springs. The deal is in Disney's hands and pretty sure it will not be ROFR'd. Im purchasing through the Timeshare Store and they have been great so far.

    My questions are: does anyone have any advice for me for Saratoga Springs. Nicest areas, best way of getting around. I already know that getting around from Saratoga Springs is a little more challenging but also heard its gotten better.

    Im looking to book my first trip for December 1st. Hoping to get a room in Bay Lake. Do you think I have a chance?

    I know there are things I do not get. I do not get rights to Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney And Disney Collection I believe. But I get all the other perks?

    Any other DVC advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Everyone!!!

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    Re: Becoming A New DVC Member To Saratoga Springs

    You pick a great DVC home resort
    Most time there is a room can be have at
    Saratoga springs
    Most time Bay lake is book at the 7 month before check-in
    Spring building is great close main pool but the last bus stop for the parks. most time the bus is full in the morroing
    I always get a Rental car so I can get around but I will not park a magic kingdom will park at Epcot then use Monorail to Magic Kingdom.
    I go to Costco to pick up food and get One bedroom.
    AKfandisney Have a Magic Disney day șoș 2010

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    Re: Becoming A New DVC Member To Saratoga Springs

    My home resort since 2006,we like the grandstand area nice pool ,most of the time it is the first stop on the bus except for the downtown bus,we like it because ti is on the quiet side ,others like congress park view of downtown should love it my only complaint is the inferior food court...........

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