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    Re: DVC Good deal, or Bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaraann View Post
    Oh, I wish that I had the money to buy into the Vacation Club. I wish that I had done this when I was younger. The Contemporary is one of my favorite Resorts. I think that that is really a prime location for the DVC. I bet when that is complete there will be a lot of new DVC owners.
    still hoping this is a DVC resort. So far Disney isn't saying.

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    Re: DVC Good deal, or Bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by spiceypj View Post
    the California will be 50 units - now once DVC sells this in quick order, really expecting more.

    So don't buy DVC and expect to be able to stay in Ca in less than 11 months notice.

    California resident are surpose to be given advance notice once selling has begun. Now don't know if that is CA residents who are already DVC members or just Ca residents.
    well I'm a CA residents and a DVC member with OKW

    Then was going be a CA DVC but in Newport beach about 10 mile where I live.
    But Disney sold the land and now another Time shair.
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    Re: DVC Good deal, or Bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by spiceypj View Post
    in your case would go the resale route.

    if you buy from DVC you must get 160 points.

    resale you can get 25 points.

    in your case would get 60 or 75 points (if you can find them) - if possible at AKV - so you have the 11 month booking window - which you will need for concierge. It will be 175 points for concierge 1-bedroom in spring break feb-april, and june, july and most of aug. So with banking and borrowing you only to need to get 60 to 75 points.

    other seasons are less - with Palm & Easter week plus christmas to Ny being higher.
    a 2-bedroom is higher, a studio is less - points.

    now if you are only going every 5 years - then forget DVC. 3 years it can work for you but 5 years you would be losing points unless you start to rent yours.
    Thanks! You know, the more I think about it, the more I think I might pass on the DVC. When we take vacations we really enjoy the maid service, a clean room every afternoon, and on occasion access to the concierge lounge. I don't want to go on a vacation where I'm still making my own bed, picking up after the kids and constantly straightening up our room. I can do that at home, and I do!

    Now I'm just hoping that the resort Disney builds in Hawaii will also be a nice hotel, besides a DVC...

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    Post Re: DVC Good deal, or Bad?

    Hi everyone, Jaki Apetz and I have been specializing in DVC Resales since 1998. What most of our DVC members realize is that when they sell their Disney Vacation Club ownership, they usually will get back their initial investment (purchase price) especially when bought through resale. Unlike other timeshares, when, and if, you decide you need to sell your ownership, you can. DVC is a very active market. So, most owners say that the cost of their yearly vacation is the cost of their m/t's bill. The average dues at Disney (varies with amount of points owned) are approx. $700 to $900. With the average rental at the DVC resorts starting from around $200 a night and up, owners quickly find out that they receive quality, on property, accomodations at a great discount compared to renting. I hope this helps, Kinn

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