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    FAQ's "To Buy" DVC

    Protect Yourself! Be knowledgeable about your DVC purchase.


    • DVC compared to other timeshare resorts?
      Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a company, wholly owned by the Walt Disney Company. It is a point based system which allows for greater flexibility with vacation scheduling over a fixed week timeshare ownership. You can stay for 1 night or as many nights as you like, depending on how many points you own. DVC is the only timeshare in the world that is located ON Disney World property. There are many BENEFITS to owning a DVC membership. After you review the Disney Vacation Club website, please return here for resale savings.
    • Resale vs. purchasing direct from DVC? The Disney Vacation Club is a wonderful timeshare ownership whether you purchase directly from Disney or through the resale market. The main differences between the two avenues of purchasing include the expanded resort options available on the resale market and the per point price savings. All properties are available on resale. Prices range from the mid $60's per point at Vero to the upper $90's per point at Animal Kingdom compared to Disney's active promotionals.
      When you purchase a Disney Vacation Club Resale, you are buying from a family "Just like Yours"
    • My resale ownership vs. direct from Disney purchase?
      There is no difference in ownerships. Disney will treat every owner equally as a valued guest. You will receive your new owner’s package directly from DVC after your purchase has closed.
    • How many points do I need to purchase?
      Each DVC property has a different point usage chart. Only you know what your typical family vacationing needs are. Please refer to the point chartsand plan a typical vacation that your family would take. Don't forget to take into account the time of year, size unit and how many times a year you would like to vacation. This will give you the number of points your family requires. Point usage secret: Elliminate one of the weekend nights from your stay and you will need less points.
    • “Home” resort?
      The resort you should purchase is decided by two factors. Does your family want to stay at a particular DVC property every time you visit Disney and will they be disappointed if you don’t? If the answer is yes, then buy where you want to be!! If you want to jump around to the different resorts to get a unique experience each time you visit Disney, then buy the property that best fits your financial and particular vacationing needs. You can reserve your home resort 7 to 11 months in advance. This is called "Home Priority Booking".

      Resort locations
      • Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas (Walt Disney World)
      Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas is the latest addition to Disney Vacation Club. This resort was first announced in October 2006[1]. The first vacation homes are slated to open in summer 2007 and will be located in the existing Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Additional units will be located in the new Kidani Village, which will open in phases and be completed in 2009. The addition will contain a new restaurant, children's water play area, and its own savanna.
      • Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa (Walt Disney World)
      This Disney Vacation Club resort recreates the upstate New York country retreats of the early-1900s, featuring babbling brooks, a themed pool, dark wood antique-style furniture, and Victorian era architecture, fabrics and colors. The first buildings opened in May 2004. Construction of Phase 2 at Saratoga Springs is currently underway. The recently announced Phase 3 will consist of six additional buildings and is expected to open in 2007. When complete, Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa will be the largest Disney Vacation Club resort. Ownership interests at Saratoga Springs went on sale in August 2003. The resort is located in the Downtown Disney resort area.
      • Disney's Beach Club Villas (Walt Disney World)
      The Beach Club Villas are located in the Epcot resort area adjacent to Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts and across Crescent Lake from the BoardWalk Resort. It opened its doors in July 2002. Like the BoardWalk Villas, the Beach Club Villas are integrated into a larger resort that includes a hotel. The Yacht & Beach Club resort compound includes a three-acre pool. Like the BoardWalk Villas, boat service is available to the Disney-MGM Studios and Epcot. There are also sidewalks to both of these parks.*
      • Disney's Old Key West Resort (Walt Disney World)
      Located near Downtown Disney, Disney's Old Key West Resort is the first of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts (in fact, at one time it was simply known as the Disney Vacation Club Resort). Old Key West opened in late 1991. This resort has an Old Florida theme and is set on Disney's Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. Boat service is available to Downtown Disney Marketplace.
      • The Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge (Walt Disney World)
      The Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge opened November 15, 2000. Like the BoardWalk Villas, the Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge are integrated into the hotel portion of Disney's Wilderness Lodge. The resort sits among tall timber and wildflowers, continuing the tradition of 19th century National Park Service lodges. The Villas at Wilderness Lodge is located on Bay Lake with boat service to the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. A special part of the resort houses a collection of train memorabilia and artwork, including an exhibit featuring two of Walt Disney's personal scale-model railroad cars.
      • Disney's BoardWalk Villas (Walt Disney World)
      Disney's BoardWalk Villas opened during the summer of 1996. The BoardWalk Villas are different from Old Key West in that the Villas are integrated into the hotel portion of Disney's BoardWalk Resort. The BoardWalk Resort consists of the Villas (the DVC units) and the Inn, which has the hotel units. The Boardwalk Resort is located near Epcot and contains an entertainment district with several restaurants. Guests can walk to the Disney-MGM Studios and Epcot, or take boats.
      • Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina)
      Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort opened on March 1, 1996.
      • Disney's Vero Beach Resort (Vero Beach, Florida)
      Disney's Vero Beach Resort is located in Vero Beach, Florida on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, around two hours southeast of the Walt Disney World Resort. The resort opened on October 1, 1995 as the first Disney Resort to be constructed away from of one of its theme parks.

    • “Use Year” ?
      The “Use Year” refers to the 12 month period starting on the first day of the “Use Year” you own. If you own a Dec., DVC will put your allotted points into your account on Dec. 1st of each year. If you need to vacation in the same month every year, you should purchase an ownership where the use month precedes the vacation time by no more than 8 months, (gives time to bank points if you cancel your vacation). If you are flexible with your vacationing, “Use Year” becomes much less important.
    • Maintenance and taxes (annual dues).
    2007 2008
    Beach Club Villas $4.6339/pt. $4.80/pt.

    Animal Kingdom $4.62/pt. $4.71/pt.
    BoardWalk Villas $4.8512/pt. $5.04/pt.
    Wilderness Lodge Villas $4.7281/pt. $4.87/pt.
    Hilton Head $4.9839/pt. $5.16/pt.
    Old Key West $4.3983/pt. $4.56/pt.
    Saratoga Springs $4.1229/pt. $4.21/pt.
    Vero Beach $5.6272/pt. $6.04/pt.

    When you purchase a DVC ownership through the resale market, all dues will be current at closing. DVC will bill the new owner in Dec. for the next year’s dues, payable in Feb. You can pay annually by credit card or check or you can pay monthly by setting up your automatic checking account deduction payment plan with DVC. for a "Better DVC Resale Experience"

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    Disney Vacation Club Resale Specialists Jaki Apetz and Kinn Tutas since 1998
    Kinn Tutas
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    Garden Views Realty, Inc. - Disney Vacation Club Resales with the Tutas Family!

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    Garden Views Realty, Inc. - Disney Vacation Club Resales with the Tutas Family!

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