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    Bastille Day at DLP

    Well so far last night's celebrations at DLP looked pretty spectacular. I wish we could have these big style fireworks throughout the peak seasons! Still, pretty cool.

    I am hoping the 2nd half goes up soon.

    Enjoy le feu d'artiface. C'est magique
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    Re: Bastille Day at DLP

    It's always nice to see airborne fireworks behind DLP's castle. Those new spot lights are also a nice effect.

    Happy 14th of July, France!

    Hope the RER was operating this time, though.

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    Re: Bastille Day at DLP

    Cool video, Thanks !

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    Re: Bastille Day at DLP

    How it pains me to see real fireworks at DLRP only to know they'll be cruelly not used again for too long. I understand why, but it aint half a shame! Still, it's all been said before. Looks like a grand party!

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