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    Smile Apparent new additions to DLRP 2009-2013?

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted, I did have a look but couldn't see it.

    Anyway, I came across this on another forum, and apparently the guy who wrote it has access to reliable sources at DLRP. If the things in his article are officially announced, then I'll be really excited! - Forum - Disneyland Resort Paris - Viewing topic #82588 - The Disneyland Resort Paris future 2009-2013!!

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    Re: Apparent new additions to DLRP 2009-2013?

    I wouldn't take to much notice of what its says in the above discussion. Its really just speculation and rumour. To find out whats whats already been confirmed and what may be, please see this article posted on the LaughingPlace Pardon Our Dust: Disneyland Paris - Disney World, Disneyland and More

    Below are some points of interest:

    Playhouse Disney Live on Stage! will premier next Spring in the Disney Channel building
    Next year the park will debut the Disney Stars and Motorcar Parade from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
    The attraction will play with scale throughout as the four-man ride vehicles careen around the world of Ratatouille.
    In addition WDI are looking to add a plethora of new attractions in a Toy Story­-inspired mini-land that will take its cue from A Bug’s Land at Disney’s California Adventure Park.
    If both Ratatouille and Toy Storyland are fully funded by EuroDisney SAS then the five year effort to bring Soarin’ to the Walt Disney Studios Park will have failed.
    At present, management has not approved funding for the new Star Tours movie that will debut at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in ‘09.
    In addition the park has not reached agreement on the aging Honey I Shrunk The Audience 3-D movie in Discoveryland.
    There is interest in the new The Little Mermaid attraction that is to be the cornerstone of the Magic Kingdom expansion in Florida and Disney’s California Adventure Park but no firm decisions have been made.
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