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    VEA Bus Accident

    At 11AM (CET) a shuttle bus was on its way from Charles De Gaulle Airport to Euro Disney when it was it was involved in an accident. The bus was slowing down due to slower moving traffic when it was rear ended by an italian truck. The impact was so strong the bus was pushed forward & rear ended another truck infront of it. Then ANOTHER truck hit the italian truck which pushed it forward and rear ended the shuttle bus AGAIN! Only one british guest aboard the bus, the bus driver and the driver of the italian truck were injured.

    Eessh! :o

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    OMG!!! I rode those busses the last time I visited DLP. Definitely not the way to start a vacation at Disneyland Paris...

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    What a terrbile accident!

    I rode the busses too. The traffic is terrible over there and our bus to CDG airport was pulled over by the French police. The driver fumbled around for his papers and we missed our flight. Granted, part of that was our fault. We bussed back to Disney property, enjoyed dinner in Disney Village and a night's stay at the Disneyland Hotel.

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