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    DLRP for firstimer


    I'm going to DLRP this summer for the first time, and I was looking at the website and realized that I knew nothing about it! I am very familiar with both Disneyland and WDW. I noticed that most attractions are copies, but can someone explain the attractions that aren't? Also, if there are attractions that have the same name but are actually different (sort of like Winnie the Pooh at WDW and Disneyland), could someone point that out?


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    Re: DLRP for firstimer


    DLRP in many ways differs from DL and WDW.
    Attractions may have the same names but there are some differences.

    Main Street: Is in many ways similar to the WDW version. The version in Paris is more elaborate with beautiful covered arcades that you really have to check out. The shops are more posh, especially Harringtons is exquisite in execution with an enormous crystal chandelier.

    Frontierland: In my opinion the best land of the park. Beautiful scenery with BTM at the middle of the lake and Phantom Manor to the side on a hill. BTM is again more elaborate and a very impressive centerpiece of the land.
    Phantom Manor: Is simply the best Disney Haunted House in the world. Love the music and has a more haunting feel to it. US mansions rely more on comedy.

    Indiana Jones is a unique ride ( if you don't count the DisneySea version ) not my favorite coaster but is has some nice touches, especially the fire at night ( if it works )
    Pirates: Absolutely superior to the WDW version. The Disneyland version is also good but the Paris version is just wonderful. Scenes are the same but the beginning end ending are different. The Whole area of the attraction is Disney theming at its best. Pirate ship in front of skull rock and the lovely Adventure isle.
    Adventureland bazar has a very charming little walk-true attraction. It is themed to Aladdin and it has some great miniature sets of the movie.

    Fantasyland: The castle is beautiful with the ominous dragon in the dungeon (very impressive) and at the first floor the beautiful stained glass windows and tapestries depicting the story of Sleeping Beauty.
    This version of Fantasyland is better than the stateside version because of the rich theming and better layout of the land.
    Alice's labyrinth is unique to the park. The Storybook canal boats ride has unique scenes and is very charming.
    Dark rides are basically the same and Small world is shorter but it has brighter colors and the scenes are more compact.

    Discoveryland: Unique to Paris. Nice Jules Verne architecture, although recent changes made it more cartoony (Buzz). Space Mountain is elaborate but it is very bumpy, theming is wonderful. The Nautilus is a very good walk-true that is unique. Again theming at its best. Videopolis is basically a fast food restaurant with a theater venue. Orbitron is the same as in Anaheim. And the rest are clones but with different theming.

    Parades: Fantillusion, nice nighttime parade but choose your spot wisely because of the show stops. Stand directly in front of the castle.
    Daytime parade is great !! Don't miss it !

    The park is great, this was my first visit to a Disney park and that was in 1995. Been back countless times.

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    Re: DLRP for firstimer

    All of the above post are spot on.

    Storybook land (but it's called something in French) has different scenes, like Wizard of Oz, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast and feels different than DL.

    Mainstreet has a walkway through the back of the shops with great inventions called out in display cases and such. A nice way to make your way out of the Park if you want to avoid the crowds on the street.

    Discoveryland is completely different and a great retro/industrial/modern take on a loosely concepted Tomorrowland.

    And of course the castle is vastly different.

    Phantom Manor rocks. As does Big Thunder.

    You'll have a great time.

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    Re: DLRP for firstimer

    Don't forget the novelty of many of the familiar attractions being in French! It actually adds a certain curiousity value to them.

    Also WDS is worth mentioning. Although much maligned it does have several exclusives including Crush, Animagique and Cinemagique. The Streetmosphere is good there too.
    WDW - 1987 & 1991
    DLP - 1996, 2004, 2006 & 2007
    DLR - October 2011

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