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    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    Didn't look too exciting to me. I have to agree that the visuals didn't make me want to say "WOW!" I think Paris needs to rethink their marketing strategies....
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    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    Quote Originally Posted by nathan detroit View Post
    WTF?! Where on earth did that 'keep off the grass' sign come from? Seriously, it looks like a runner up in a 10-and-under design-a-sign for Disneyland competition.
    Quote Originally Posted by soundtracker View Post
    Ouch! Doesn't Iger have some sort of quality control team that gets sent out to Tokyo every year, to make sure the Disney standard is being maintained? Could we ask them to arrange a stop-over in Paris on their next trip?
    I'm guessing the Quality Control people regularly leave Paris with fancier clothes than they arrived in.

    Here is the original quote, from Kristof over at DLRP Magic:
    "This [the upcoming banner pole decorations] is another creation by wanna-be Imagineers. DLRP Entertainment should stick to what they do best: shows, parades, characters, ENTERTAINMENT. Leave decorations to people who are trained and experienced to do so: Imagineers. Take a look at Belle's Christmas Village (designed by EDLI [Euro Disneyland Imagineering]) and compare it to most of the Halloween decorations... (Remember the Pink Witches decorations last year??)
    And those beautiful Fab 5-shaped pumpkins at Disney Village, those are sculpted on property by the department at DLRP that designs and custom builds all the Disney figures for the shop windows. The difference in quality is HUGE."

    It explains so very much, doesn't it? The question is why these people are still allowed to do so much more than teach Donald Duck how to do jazz hands and why the local Imagineering department's obvious talents are so tragically underused. Perhaps the latter has a tougher union, haha.

    I'm no expert, but from the looks of it it's again not the Imagineers who are having a field day with "Mickey's Magical Party."

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    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    Disneyland Resort Paris Fans

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    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    News just in: the signage for Playhouse Disney is up! - Le webzine des Parcs Disney - Playhouse Disney : Live on Stage
    Quote Originally Posted by fizzog View Post
    Soundtracker you cheeky chipmunk

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    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    Mickey's Magical Party grand opening pictures :
    Lancement de la Fête Magique de Mickey (MAJ) - Le blog de disneymagie

    + Mickey's Magical Party Time official pictures
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    Dear Old Blighty

    Re: Mickey's Magical Party Preview!

    well that original video was laughable but the pics olivier has just linked to have restored my faith. can't wait to see it in the flesh next week.

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