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    Toy Story Playland - the first look!

    Hi guys,

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here already; someone's leaked the plans for Toy Story Playland!

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    Thanks to for tipping me off.

    These are fairly old versions of the plans, by the way - there will only be ONE half pipe track for the RC Racer attraction (the plan shows two tracks), but the overall layout of the place should remain the same.
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    Re: Toy Story Playland - the first look!

    Great to finally start seeing some form of visual...even if preliminary. Seems to be exactly what was described of the three carny rides...except the RC racer has two tracks. Also, no TSMM, which is what I expected...though I would not be surprised if it was added later.
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    Re: Toy Story Playland - the first look!

    These plans have already been posted somewhere on this board.
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