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    Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    From an article on

    Euro Disney has had its share of troubles, but can it survive a Google invasion?
    Certain international locales have not exactly greeted Google's Street View cameras with open arms, but the search engine giant worked out an arrangement with Disney to photograph its Parisian theme park.
    "Last October, as the last few rays of sunlight remained high enough in the sky, Disneyland Paris opened its gates early to our Street View car to capture some of the magic at street-level," Liz Ericson, a product marketing manager in London and Paris, wrote in a blog post. "We drove up Main Street USA (outside of Paris!), through Adventureland, and around Fantasyland and even in Walt Disney Studios Park."
    Disneyland Paris (and Walt Disney Studios Park) is the first amusement park in the world to be photographed by Street View cameras. Ericson said Google hopes to add other attractions in the future, such as race tracks, castles, and parks.
    Google also created a mapplet of the park.

    Here's the link to the GoogleMap of DLP:

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    thats pretty cool!

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    Interesting! Strange that Paris was the first to do this...

    Apparently it was during Halloweentime, too. Now THAT's how they want their park to be remembered for posterity!

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    That is very awesome! The video of Disney Paris in 3D on Goggle earth looks fun! Maybe someday Disney will let them do all of their parks!

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    I'm pretty sure they already did Walt Disney World.

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    WOW its amazing (and makes me wish I was there even more)
    I hope they do the other Disney Parks as I haven't seen any of them.

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    Re: Disney Lets Google Map Disneyland Paris

    I just randomly found this the other day when a friend was looking at places in Europe on Google Maps. It seems like a great marketing tool for Disneyland Paris, as it sure made me want to visit their park. It's so much fun to explore!

    It also made us wonder if they would do such a thing in the American Parks. Could you imagine the complaints Disney would receive for it "not being up to date" or for having a picture of "me" at the park (even with the blurred face recognition). I could only imagine bad things to come of American "Street Views" of Disney Parks.

    Not to mention other Theme Parks would demand Google to come visit them. Who's paying for it anyways?

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