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    Re: The Disneyland Resort Paris Music Thread.

    What music cello!
    I want to get meh hands on this and get sheet music!
    I play a cello doing a solo for chirstmas concert.
    Here come's the bride.
    As long as we live.
    Till death do us part.
    You may kiss the bride.

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    Re: The Disneyland Resort Paris Music Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by nathan detroit View Post
    The cello Grim Grinning Ghosts is available on CD - I have it. It is part of a collection of music from the entire park and was bought abouy four years ago.
    Fantastic! My Christmas list just got longer! What's the album called?
    Quote Originally Posted by fizzog View Post
    Soundtracker you cheeky chipmunk

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