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    front seat on a Roller Coaster !

    Single Rider Line now ON test for Crush's Coaster !!

    DLP Management did something great this month by testing a new Single Rider line for Crush's Coaster .

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    Dear Old Blighty

    Re: Single Rider Line now ON test for Crush's Coaster !!

    awesome news! worst line in the resort easily. BTM needs to be next! anyone use it yet?

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    Re: Single Rider Line now ON test for Crush's Coaster !!

    I love the idea of the single rider line, and it makes lots of sense for Crush as I have seen lots of groups of three and I am usually on my own (for various reasons). I know it is still luck and could work out longer than the regular line but worth a shot.
    Not sure that it would work for BTM, already complicated enough with fasspass. Could work for Indiana Jones if there is a need there (always been really short queues when I've been).
    I hope it works and is there when I visit next, hopefully this year.

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    Re: Single Rider Line now ON test for Crush's Coaster !!

    Oh this is great news! My mom (who is my companion on this trip) won't ride roller coasters but I love them. I didn't want to leave he totally alone while I wait in a long line after long line to ride coasters. But if there is a single rider line, then it should move fasters and work out best for both of us!
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