Disneyland Paris Panoramic Pictures

Here is something i wanted to do before i stop posting new articles, early next week. What better way to show Disneyland Paris to those of you who have never been in this beautiful park than panoramic pictures? The pictures below, that i've shot yesterday afternoon, show only DLP Magic Kingdom but it will give you the feeling that you're inside the park. Of course, click on each picture to see them in big size. Feel free to download the pictures but don't post them on other web sites, thanks.

These pictures were shoot in less than three hours with a Sony DSC-HX1 camera. Its panoramic mode is just fantastic, you just simply press the shutter button and "sweep" the camera horizontally or vertically and the camera assembles the shots into a single frame which can cover up to 224 degrees field of view. Amazing. Sometime, when somebody is walking while you shoot the panoramic he may be cut in half on the final pic but it seem that they've resolved the problem on the new Sony DSC-HX5V released in March. As these cameras also film in high-definition and cost only around $400 (370 euros) it's a perfect toy to shoot great pictures in the parks.

Fantasia Gardens, Disneyland Hotel and Park Entrance

Main Street U.S.A and Liberty Arcade

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