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    5 Day flash sale at Official Disneyland Paris booking centre

    5 day sale - Disneyland® Paris

    For those of you who haven't heard, until noon on May 10th,
    Disneyland Paris are having a 50% sale on selected holiday packages.
    So check it out if you are thinking of going!

    Unfortunately I booked mine months ago - missed all of the good offers.
    I did check - and the hotel and dates I am visiting fortunately didn't qualify for the offers, so I didn't feel so bad - but it is still irritating!

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    Re: 5 Day flash sale at Official Disneyland Paris booking centre

    Call me a cynic, but these offers seem hardly any different from those offered in the 'Book Before 30th April' deals. Smacks of desperation if you ask me. Maybe DLP are suffering the recession this year. I suspect bookings won't pick up until a firm date for the opening of TSPL is announced.
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