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    An Idealist's Vision of DLRP

    For fun, I’ve been working on something I call the Integrated Parks Project (IPP) to show – via conceptual site plans – my vision for an ideal collection of Disney theme parks around the globe. ‘Integrated’ is the key word, as the parks are filled out to compliment sister parks rather than overlap/repeat content.

    You can view my works for WDW here:
    An Idealist's Vision of Walt Disney World

    And Hong Kong, here:
    An Idealist's Vision of HKDL

    And Tokyo, here:
    An Idealist's Vision of Tokyo Disney Resort

    I'll start with an overview of my Paris Disney resort (a work-in-progress), and then take a detailed look at the component parks in later posts:


    --The most obvious change is that WDSP does not exist. I find the Paris resort a place of extremes: It contains both the most beautiful, detailed Disneyland-style park ever built and the absolute nadir of Disney (& Universal) parks (IMO). Rather than follow-up a masterpiece of design like DLP with a sub-par effort like WDSP, I thought it would be more appropriate if each additional gate was larger, more elaborate, detailed and immersive than its predecessor.

    --By having three grand, multi-day parks (Disneyland Paris has been widened and significantly expanded, as well), an indoor-outdoor water park, a larger village, and secondary night-time entertainment are, and 8 highly-themed hotels, the Paris resort becomes a global tourism destination exceeded only by Walt Disney World in size and scope. What this resort lacks in Florida's warm & attractive climate, it makes up in incredible, cutting-edge, unique theme parks.

    --The second gate is a DisneySea, but it is 95% original (from my DisneySeas in Anaheim & Tokyo). It contains three park-connected hotels. The third gate is an entirely original design - which I will describe in a later post

    --The water park is based on plans for Lava Lagoon.

    --The lake is expanded (with water taxis to resorts & parks) and some of the hotels are changed up. The Disney Village is expanded.

    --The giant parking lot is replaced with (also giant) multi-level structures to accommodate more cars using less acreage.

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    Re: An Idealist's Vision of DLRP

    nice overview of the resort
    i wish there are others like this

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    Re: An Idealist's Vision of DLRP

    The image appears to be unavailable. =(

    Looking forward to seeing more, I love your work.

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    Re: An Idealist's Vision of DLRP

    Any chance you could re-upload the image? its not showing.

    "We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." -
    Walt Disney

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